Jonathan Fire*Eater

There was a time (pre strokes) , that indie (whatever that means these days) had the fire of soul lit under it's proverbial arse .
Bands like ; The Make - Up , The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion , The Murder City Devils , The Delta 72(sorry had to!) and Today's featured act ; Jonthan Fire Eater , were all part of this scene .
The Fire Eaters , had a sonic shimmer that echoed the early Animals , yet still managed to forge it's own sound and voice within the NYC underground music scene . What happened ? They released a handful of singles , one ep , and an album , that still resonates as one of the biggest industry fumbles . Aside from that , the music speaks for itself . "Give Me Daughters" , "When The Curtain Calls For You", and the epic "Search for Cherry Red" remain here in the aftermath for us to recall a time when indie music had some verve and soul . The band and singer (Stuart Lupton) parted ways in 1997 ? , Stuart started The Child Ballads , and the others started the Walkmen in 2000 . Here enjoy the sound and vision of Jonathan Fire Eater .

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Search For Cherry Red mp3