return of the Beachwood Sparks

The Beachwood Sparks hail from Los Angeles . They play music in the tradition of Gram Parsons' self dubbed ;"Cosmic American Music" . The band has not officially broken up , yet they have been mostly dormant since 2002 . The name comes from the two streets intersecting near (bassist) Brent Rademaker's home in silverlake . They have regrouped , with original members ; Brent Rademaker , Chris Gunst , Aaron Sperske(of the Lilys) and occasionally (Farmer)Dave Scherr (who now plays for Interpol) . Beachwood Sparks have started to play shows in California , and are doing a small tour of the east coast , with a stop planned for Philadelphia (home of many Lilys line ups) . Here is a primer on the band that brought the "New Country" to the indie rock world .

Myspace - The Beachwood Sparks