"4ad" - Pioneering Indie art record label ...

With many artists; from the darkness of England's "Bauhaus" , to the art indie noise of America's "TV on the Radio" , 4ad has led the lantern light within the indie underground scene since it began in early 19 hundred and 80 . Whether with new and exciting sounds from the underground , or it's visual aesthetic style , 4ad delived a sound that sounded as good as it looked ! The music , was to mildly put it , dark , atmospheric and beautiful .. Here are some of the key releases on 4ad throut the years ;
Bauhaus Dark Entries
The Birthday Party Prayers on Fire
Dead Can Dance Dead Can Dance
This Mortal Coil It'll End in Tears
Cocteau Twins Treasure
Clan of Xymox Clan of Xymox
Lonely Is an Eyesore
Pixies Come on Pilgrim
Pixies Doolittle
Current roster (partial)
Beirut (excluding the US)
Blonde Redhead
The Breeders
TV on the Radio (excluding the US and Canada)
Scott Walker
M. Ward (excluding the US and Canada)
Wolf & Cub (excluding Australia and New Zealand)

Bauahaus - Telegram Sam

The Cocteau Twins - Crushed

Birthday Party - Release the Bats (live)

Celebration - New Skin

Beirut - nantes