Cat Power tour diary day one

cat tour diary day one atlanta georgia(outskirts)
the echo project festival ;
well we arrived at the site of the fest , turned out to be more hippie style jam band thing .
We spent the day hanging out , getting ready , going over the set list , and generally just getting back in the tour mind set . We played , a bit out of form I will say , but got through a set list which includes ; new york new york , lived in bars , life of theparty , the greatest ..etc
So the first day is sorta of to a slow start , but day to day I will keep the blog up to speed
and include photos , writing and setlists ... Just for the fans .. alrite kids , on the bus heading to Virginia . see you tomorrow ... Photos from day one by Stefano Giovannini ... Rx

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Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues
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Chan and MR.White
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