Uk Comedy ; The Mighty Boosh

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Once in a (long) while a comedy comes along , a comedy that pushes the boundries of humor and tact . As I grew up I had things such as ; "The Young Ones" , "The Simpsons" , "Family Guy" , Aqua Teen Hunger Force" ,"Land Of The Lost" , "What's Happenin' " , and more recently ; "The Office(Uk)" . Now , as the band continues to tour , I get turned on to comedy from across the pond yet again . I have been hearing about this show , a show where one of the main characters resembles me , ha ! , I thought , I have to eventually check that out .. Well , eventually showed up , and while getting ready for a show in Brooklyn's McCarren Park Pool , I finally decided to look up said show via You Tube . I was not prepared for what I would find . As I tuned in to episode after episode I was hypnotized by this show called ; "The Mighty Boosh" . This show , one part ; " Land of the lost " , one part "Sid and Marty Kroft" , and one part " Young Ones" / "Absolutely Fabulous" , brought me back to a place where , maybe I could believe in television again (ok that is a stretch) . In any case , join them for a journey ; Howard Moon(Julian Barratt) and Vince Noir(Noel Fielding) to
THE MIGHTY BOOSH ... this is something you just have to see , my explanation will do little to help ... enjoy !